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Comprehensive Equine Care

Camrose Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of equine veterinary care services. Our highly trained and experienced veterinary staff has the necessary tools and capabilities to provide a variety of veterinary services to promote the health and longevity of your horses. Our services are available in our hospital or at your stable and include:

Equine Wellness Care

Routine wellness visits are important to keep your horse healthy. We are able to establish a baseline of health characteristics and catch small problems before they develop into larger health issues. As part of our routine care, we provide vaccinations, deworming, Coggins testing, and dental care. Additionally, we can discuss any concerns you may have with your horse, such as nutritional needs, training programs, or geriatric care.

Equine Diagnostics & Treatments

We offer care for your horse in case of medical colic, sickness, lameness, injury, metabolic problems, or chronic illness. Our in-house laboratory and advanced diagnostic equipment promote rapid and accurate results. In some cases of severe disease, surgical colic, and complicated lameness, we will refer you to a local specialist. We are available for emergency after-hours service when you need us.

Geriatric Equine Care

Aged horses can have sub-clinical health care issues that can be identified and treated before they become a serious problem. If your horse is over 15 years of age, we recommend a complete physical examination and blood testing to establish baseline values.

Lameness Exam

A lameness exam evaluates the locomotion of your horse. We use a variety of techniques to identify the underlying cause of lameness, including physical examination and palpation, flexion tests, and nerve blocks. In the event an issue is identified, we will discuss all of your treatment options with you.


Veterinary Surgery

In the event your horse requires surgery, we strive to keep your horse calm and as pain free as possible. Standing or recumbent surgery of the horse is performed for castration, biopsy, and laceration repair. Your horse’s health and safety is important to us, and complicated procedures may be referred to a local specialist.

We appreciate the unique bond between you and your horse, and we look forward to assisting you with your equine veterinary care needs. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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